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5 Reasons Why Working From Home Rocks

Working from home is the way forward. It offers numerous advantages to you and your life. Here are just a few reasons why;

1. Working from home saves you hours every day. If you need to go to an office you have to spend time every day getting ready and then travelling to and from your work place. Over months and years those hours add up! When you work from home commuting time and costs are zero and if you want you can start work in your pyjamas.

Even when you get free time in the form of breaks at work this time is often wasted counting down the minutes and being bored. At home when you have a break you can do what you want to do and be truly refreshed or get something done.

2. Working from home allows you to control your environment for maximum productivity. Maybe you prefer the room to be cool, or hot. Maybe you like your favourite album playing quietly in the background and a window full of plants and ornaments rather than a single desk corner for your personal effects. Maybe you just want to avoid hearing Jane from accounts loudly describing her social life.

Your environment is the key to concentration. When you maximize your concentration you achieve more in less time. Add that to the time you saved on commuting and you have even more hours each day to use as you see fit.

3. The work at home individual has the power to structure their own time. Day to day life involves many tasks that need attending to whether it’s appointments, errands, socialising or helping out family members. If you work from home you can factor these things into your day efficiently and if need be promptly. A person in an office has to do things when they can or not at all which causes stress and wastes time.

4. Working at home gives you opportunities. When you work from home you can utilise flexibility to pursue new projects and maybe business ideas. An office boss wouldn’t appreciate it if you used an afternoon for a course or to have a meeting with a potential business partner. If you work from home you can grasp opportunities that rely on being able to do things at specific times because you can catch up on your work later.

5. Working at home doesn’t just present opportunities to make more money as outlined in the last point but also to save money. Firstly you save on transport costs, then food for lunches where you didn’t have time to bring your own. You have to acquire a wardrobe for work, much of which you may not wear anywhere else. The person working from home doesn’t need to race to a nearby gym for a rushed half hour workout at lunch time, they can work out in the living room for an hour and pay nothing.

Working from home provides many advantages. The most powerful of all is the ability to save so much time out of everyday which can be used in your life however you choose.

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