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Watch This Hilarious Video about Working From Home Now!

We’ve just seen a ridiculously funny video about working from home and though we would love to share it with you. Check it out:

Quite hilarious, isn’t it? And yet it’s so true; working from home can be filled with distractions. Of course there are huge advantages, like being able to work in your pajamas (like Ellen’s “terry cloth blazer”) and being able to watch your kids, be home for the gardener, and so forth, but it’s not all sunshine.

Just like in the clip, there are constant distractions, from the phone ringing, the dog barking, kids yelling and running in and out of the house, lawn crew buzzing along outside, and so on. As someone who works from home though, I can definitely say the advantages outweigh the costs. I can run my errands whenever I need to, schedule appointments any time, save on child care costs, and so many more.

Beyond the convenience, it’s also incredibly helpful to be at home during the day because you are available for emergencies, you can get some of the housework done during downtime or breaks, and you’re always there when your spouse or significant other comes home, which really does foster closer relationships. Being at home when your SO returns from work, there to greet them with a hug and immediately begin your evening together. Neither one of you has to run errands (because you already did those during the day) and your time together is so much less stressful and you really enjoy each other’s company.

Once again, Ellen hits the nail on the head with humor and grace about the benefits and pitfalls of working at home. Wear your bathrobe but your boss can hear your kids in the background? For me, at least, it’s so worth it.

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