Working From Home – How Does It Affect your Loved Ones

You’ve finally done it: you found a way to work from home! With a bit of organization and cooperation from your family, you know you can make this work for everyone.

After you set up, organize your work area and before you actually start working, it is a good idea to have a family meeting. You need to discuss the ground rules for what you need your family members to do when you are working. Make sure they know that if they need you, they must get your attention, let you to finish what you are doing, then wait for your signal that it’s okay for them to speak with you. This is a rule that everyone must be follow without question; there is nothing more unprofessional than speaking with your boss or even worse, a client, while the children are squabbling in the background. Having a few role-playing sessions with each of your family members will make it much easier for them to understand exactly what you need from them so you can do your job. Investing in some new toys and videos to surprise the kids with is also a wonderful way to distract them. It will buy you some time to finish up what you’re doing with a bit of peace and quiet, even if it’s only temporarily!

Why go through all of this? It is because you and your family need to work together to ensure your success in working from home. Of course, there will be glitches now and then, but the advantages far outweigh those little hiccups along the way.

You will still have to get up in the morning to get everyone ready for the day, but you will no longer have to get up several hours earlier to do so. We all dream of having that extra hour or so to sleep a bit longer. You will still have to make breakfast, pack lunch and get the kids on the bus or drive them to school, but you no longer have to commute back and forth to work. Think about how much time you will save each day not having to deal with traffic, buses or trains not running on time. This reason alone should be enough to convince you that working from home is the right thing to do. There will be less confusion and even better, less time spent on traveling each day. This is especially attractive on the days you wake up to a deluge of rain or a snow storm that, expected or not, would definitely add to the stress and confusion for that day’s commute. If you’re really organized, you can also do household chores in between calls or tasks, which saves you even more time to be with your family!

You will also save money you used to spend on gas for your vehicle and any tolls or fares you paid for your transportation. You will have a lot less wear and tear on your vehicle, which will also save you money on your car’s maintenance. Another savings will come with being able to adjust your auto insurance: if you are no longer driving back and forth to work, your premiums should be much lower.

Working from home means you also save on having to buy new work clothes and the subsequent dry cleaning bills. You no longer have to dress for success: if you are not on video chat, you can actually work in your pajamas!

Even better, you no longer have to spend money for lunch or snacks that you used to when you actually left home to go to the office. You can just go to your refrigerator and help yourself. This also means that you can prepare dinner during the day and have it ready when everyone else returns home from school or their workplace.

Working from home also saves you money you would spend for child day care and, even better, you are immediately available if any of your children falls ill. You no longer have to drop everything at the office to rush home or use one of your sick days to care for your sick child.

Aside from all of the money you will save, the best reason to work at home is that you will have more time to spend with your family and so much less stress in your life! You no longer have to deal with rush hour traffic. You no longer have to try to throw something together for dinner at the last minute. You no longer have to worry about having to leave your children in daycare or at the sitter’s until you can make it back home from work.

What would less stress, greater savings and more one-on-one time mean to you and your family? How about a calmer, more organized home? How about having a more relaxed parent who now has more money to indulge in an occasional night out or even a long awaited family vacation? How about having more quality time to spend and do things with each and every family member?

These are the reasons working from home is better for your family life, and more importantly, even better for you. If you can find a way to do it, you would be crazy if you do not work from home!

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